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Email Marketing Software

Installs on all your websites, one low cost. Full
featured control panel, write or load
email messages, schedule
follow ups, and send
direct bulk
emails from the control panel.

Press a button and sign up forms are created to
put on 1 or more web pages.
All of your sign-ups
are kept track of in the control panel.

Step-by-step install user guide shows you how
to put this
email marketing software and control
panel on one or more
websites and web pages.

Use it to give out info as you get sign-ups and
subscribers. Then the
ARS follows up with the
scheduled in the AR Control Panels.

email marketing softwareInternet business owners,

This low cost follow-up, email marketing system with free reports, guides, and manuals, can do the job of emailing your websites visitors, signups, customers, optins automatically.

If you're starting a new internet business or have had one for years, you should be following up with your websites visitors and getting the most out of your advertising dollars for your profits!

Usually you will have to send 3 or more follow up messages after the initial marketing contact, even if they are suited for the offer, in order to get your leads to consider buying your product or service.

Following up consistently with your email subscriber lists is important. Automate your follow-up emails, convert your leads into sales with low cost Email Marketing Software. Reliable, feature packed, easy to use website based emailing system, affordable-app can be installed on all your websites.

Delivers direct instant info to your websites customers, subscribers, prospects, visitors, and then follows-up with them on-auto day or night, 24-7-365 days a year. At the press of a button this email marketing software generates web page optin sign
up and subscriber forms.

Without expensive monthly service fees or the high cost of other email marketing software systems. You get the same power packed tools and features
without the service costs!

This email marketing software is safe and easy to set
up and run, lowers your operating costs significantly, improves your overall email marketing efforts,
and increases your profits.

Here are some of the powerful tools and features:

No monthly services fee - Pay only one time and then you own it. Can be used on any number of websites.

EasY to follow, step-by-step installation instructions and user guide are included.

You can put our email marketing, software system to work for you on all of your websites and web pages.

Easy to use admin control panel where you set up your follow-up and direct bulk emails in a matter of minutes.

Send an unlimited number of auto-follow-up or direct bulk emails to prospects, subscribers, customers, everyday if you want to.

Works on an unlimited number of email lists. It will work for an unlimited number of subscribers.

Fully automated, will work for you 24 Hours a day 7 days a Week managing and building your email marketing lists.

Super fast email delivery - over 575 emails per minute.

Automatically wraps words at he right amount of letters per line.

Email marketing software has full custom settings - you can send messages with the names of clients and email addresses from your subscriber lists.

Set up a thank you page for your internet business websites, customers, visitors, and signups.

All emails can have an attachment - you can attach any file type to your outgoing email marketing messages.

You can manually unsubscribe any address from your email lists.

An unsubscribe from the mailing list link is used in every outgoing email message.

Power checking of duplicate email addresses. Once an address has been used, it will delete the same address if used in ubscribing again.

Control Panels is super easy to use to import, export email addresses in all your lists.

Web page subscription box is automatically generated for you.

The software makes sure that you will always have a message sent to you, as proof of the actual name, email, and IP address, of all of your optin subscribers when they sign up.

You will receive a report every time a follow-up message is sent to your subscriber lists. You will always be up on email marketing software is doing for you.

Basic system setup

  • Webhost/Server: Unix Operating System (linux/FreeBSD).

  • Perl5 Interpreter (standard on  unix machines)

  • SendMail (standard on unix machines)

  • Solution: does not use cron jobs which most webhosts don't use.

  • PC/OS: Windows, Mac, Unix, more.

Download the email marketing, software system today!

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Find out why using the auto-response follow up
message software system on your websites is a
bargain even at the regular $19.95 price! 

Currently it is being offered for the low price of just: $4

Order today, you can receive the software at this special
discount price with these email guides, reports, manuals.

Bonus Gift #1: "Autoresponder Magic" ($21-Value)

These are some of the most powerful email
messages, that you can use with the email
marketing software system.

Some of what you will be shown how to do...

  • Change new website visitors into customers.
  • Set up email marketing campaigns that encourage people on your optin lists to buy what you're offering them.
  • Get reluctant website visitors to respond to your marketing efforts.
  • Special reports with plans, strategies, salesletters, reay to use business emails !
  • And alot more about using email marketing software systems, and building your email lists. …
marketing software
Bonus Gift #2: "Million Dollar Emails"($21-Value)

Here's another great ebook!

Million Dollar Emails covers so much it's truly amazing. From how to collect email addresses to sending follow-up emails to your marketing lists.

Everything needed about a email marketing plan and strategy is covered in this over 200 page report!

The outstanding information alone contained within these pages can be a very valuable part of using an email marketing software system, the solution for your online business success.

email marketing software

Plus 5 more great internet business ebooks.

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If you really want to develop your online business and increase your profits, get the email marketing software system working for you today!

Here's the solution to getting your offers in front of all
your websites, web pages, visitors, customers, email
marketing, signups, lists, leads, and prospects.

Using this software on your websites and web pages will save you time and help boost your online sales. You can purchase this amazing auto response manager now, start increasing your profits quickly.

Without the expensive monthly fees of some services, or
the high cost of other email marketing software systems.
Take advantage of this
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To your success,

Download the email marketing software
system, plans, and strategy today!

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